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Rejuvenate Your Sexual Function

By Sunita Sharan, MD

Rejuvenate Your Sexual FunctionSexual dysfunction can take many forms — it’s not limited to erectile dysfunction or lack of interest in sex, often referred to as a low libido.

Sexual dysfunction can involve pain during intercourse, an inability to maintain an erection, or difficulty experiencing an orgasm.

Though there are many causes of diminished libido and sexual dysfunction in men and women, there are also many ways to increase libido and rekindle the joy of sex once you identify the problem, including vaginal rejuvenation and enhancement.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women
Sexual dysfunction in women is grouped into different disorders: sexual pain, problems with desire, arousal problems, and orgasm difficulty. Changes in hormone levels, medical conditions, and other factors can contribute to low libido and other forms of sexual dysfunction in women.

Specifically, sexual dysfunction in women may be due to:
• Vaginal dryness. This can lead to low libido and problems with arousal and desire, as sex can be painful when the vagina isn’t properly lubricated. Vaginal dryness can result from hormonal changes that occur during and after menopause or while breastfeeding, for example. Psychological issues, like anxiety about sex, can also cause vaginal dryness. And anticipation of painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness may, in turn, decrease a woman’s desire for sex.
• Low libido. Lack of sexual desire can also be caused by lower levels of the hormone estrogen. Fatigue, depression, and anxiety can also lead to low libido, as can certain medications, including some antidepressants.
• Difficulty achieving orgasm. Orgasm disorders, such as delayed orgasms or inability to have one at all, can affect both men and women. Again, some antidepressant medications can also cause these problems.
• Pain during sex. Pain is sometimes from a known cause, such as vaginal dryness or endometriosis. But sometimes the cause of painful sex is elusive. Known as vulvodynia or vulvar vestibulitis, experts don’t know what’s behind this mysterious type of chronic, painful intercourse. A burning sensation may accompany pain during sex.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men
The types of sexual dysfunction men may experience include:
• Erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can be caused by medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or by anxiety about having sex. Depression, fatigue, and stress can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.
• Ejaculation problems. These include premature ejaculation (ejaculation that occurs too early during intercourse) and the inability to ejaculate at all. Causes include medications, like some antidepressants, anxiety about sex, a history of sexual trauma (such as a partner being unfaithful), and strict religious beliefs. Wearing tight underwear or exposure to heat for long periods of time (truck drivers and athletes, among others, are prone to this) can also cause problems.
• Low libido. Psychological issues like stress and depression, as well as anxiety about having sex also can lead to a decreased or no sexual desire. Decreased hormone levels (particularly if testosterone is low), physical illnesses, and medication side effects may also diminish libido in men.

Dealing With Sexual Dysfunction
All couples should be able to enjoy a healthy sex life — an important part of a relationship. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, bring up your concerns with your doctor. You can often correct your problem easily.

The good news is, there is actually a treatment to help make your sex life better than ever and rejuvenate your vagina back once more like the days when it was younger and fresher- with no hassle!  The aid of a 100% natural vaginal rejuvenation cream can address sexual issues such as painful sex, low libido, and most of all, vaginal dryness.

This multi-potent tissue matrix is used to fill, cover and protect the void or defect in human body.  Many women have experienced a replenishing and rejuvenating of all tissue types in the vagina i.e.- clitoris, Gspot, labia, and lubricating glands, resulting in better sexual function.

These are totipotent cells and an allograft, meaning it’s prepared from a human, and is acceptable to humans. Thus is non-hormonal with no side effects and highly acceptable to the human body.

Preparation of these multi-active cells are from strictly screened human tissue [placenta]. All selected cases are thoroughly checked for past medical history and social history.  They are obtained only from women who have a caesarean section.

When used to rejuvenate the nerves and tissues around the vagina, it enhances the sensitivity, arousal and orgasm. Thus rejuvenating all over the organs that have become old with time or have lost their sensitivity because of increasing stress in life. Because live cells are used, they continue to regenerate in the area long after the treatment, thus only one treatment is needed to see results.

The results below are from patients who have used the treatment and are once again enjoying sexual activities with their partners.

Good communication can unlock closed doors in the bedroom, so start by talking to your partner about physical and emotional intimacy. And, if you suspect a medical condition, talk to your doctor about what could be going on with your body.

Testimonials from Joint  and
Individual Consultations:
At 59 years old and postmenopausal, Karen experienced pain during sex for ten years. Vaginal rejuvenation changed her life. She now enjoys pain-free sex, courtesy of Dr. Sunita Sharan’s single treatment.

Diane, a 72 year old woman is now in a sexual relationship. After being single for fifteen years, the sex with her new partner was disappointing. Following the vaginal rejuvenation using the live cells, she has an increased libido and is finally able to have an orgasm.

Kim has been a patient of Dr. Sharan for 20 years. Her partner of four years is 12 years younger than she is. After having the treatment done two years ago, Kim experienced an instant increase in libido and sensation. Her partner notices that she feels fuller inside and it gives him great pleasure.

Women aren’t the only ones benefiting from the rejuvenating cell treatment. Male patients have also experiences great results using Dr. Sharan’s rejuvenation treatment.

Thomas, a 69 year old was thrilled to experience his first erection in eight years after only one treatment.

89 year old David has a 76 year old girlfriend credits Dr. Sharan for getting his love life back, allowing him to be intimate with his sweetie.

Steve is 62 years old and has diabetes. Both he and his high school sweetheart, who happens to also be his wife, thank Dr. Sharan for enabling them to enjoy each other sexually again.

For more information or to schedule an individual or joint consultation, call 941-922-8848 today!

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