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Learn How You Can Freeze Your Fat Away with CoolSculpting

Learn How You Can Freeze Your Fat Away with CoolSculptingYou’ve probably heard about CoolSculpting from magazines, online, social media, or perhaps on a television program. The reason that its popularity has grown exponentially over the past few years is because of the results that it provides. Sure you can go to many different locations all across the West Coast of Florida and receive the Cool-Sculpting procedure, but at Physician Body Sculpting Plus, they do things a little differently! Dr. Les Schultzel isn’t just the medical director; he actually sees each and every patient himself for a thorough consultation. His hands-on approach makes their practice one of the most highly-sought after CoolSculpting offices.

We talked to The Staff at Physician Body Sculpting Plus to find out more about the procedure.

What exactly is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is a FDA-cleared treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat permanently without surgery or downtime. And with 95% customer satisfaction, you’ll love the results of CoolSculpting every time you look in the mirror.

Who is a good candidate for the Procedure?
Our typical patient is usually those that have undergone a strict diet and exercise plan but still have stubborn areas that are unaffected by exercise and eating nutrient-dense foods. For example, a patient may have stubborn love handles or a bulge of some sort here or there, that really bother them, with CoolSculpting, we can alleviate these problem areas for many of our clients. We treat both women and men.

Is it painful?
It’s not painful. Typical fat reduction procedures like liposuction or surgery, do cause a great deal of pain and downtime, but with Cool-Sculpting, it may be uncomfortable at first, while you’re tissue adjusts to the cold sensation. After a few moments, you’ll be numb and not feel much of anything. The entire procedure takes approximately 1 hour depending on the size of the area being treated.

How does the science of CoolSculpting work?
Harvard scientists developed CoolSculpting. It’s essentially a rectangular plating system that squeezes your problem area and exposes the fat internally to a frigid degree. So, for example, if you have a belly bulge, the technician places a material over your skin to protect it, and then the device is placed on the bulge. It suctions it up in between the plating system while permeating cold into the fat cells. This creates crystals that develop in the fat cells. Over time, the fat cells will die off. Although you will see results within the first two weeks, the entire process usually takes a few months before your results are complete.

What areas can be treated?
So many different areas can be treated. To name a few; belly bulges, muffin tops, upper arms, thighs, love handles, flanks, the chin area and the neck are all areas that we commonly treat. Because we can’t “spot reduce” with exercise and diet alone, CoolSculpting has really been the answer that so many men and women desire.

The Physician Body Sculpting Plus difference is their proficient staff:

Dr. Les Schultzel, who has served the Naples Community for over 43 years. He’s been honored by the state of Florida for his contributions to the welfare of athletes, and he is a founder of Friends of Foster Children Forever and a community leader. Him taking on the role of consulting each patient and being in the office is something that you won’t find in other practices.

Susan Guinn RT(R)(CT)(MR), has 27 years in medical imaging performing x-rays, CT’s and MRI’s, serving the greater Naples area for over eleven years. Her medical experience and kind, compassionate nature will carry over into your CoolSculpting treatment. Susan cares for all her clients as if they were family!

Karen Porter-Schultzel has over 19 years experience as an Allied Health Professional as a certified CT/X-ray Technologist. A genuine caring for others has lead her to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant (optimal health and wellness products) and now a certified CoolSculpting Specialist

When you are treated at Physician Body Sculpting Plus, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest standard in patient care from experienced CoolSculpting experts.

If you’ve been doing everything right, but don’t see results in specific areas of your body that you want to change, you’ve got to try the CoolSculpting procedure! For more information on CoolSculpting please visit, or call to schedule your appointment at (239) 776-9587.


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