It may be causing excess wear and tear on your body…

So dump it!Got Unclaimed Baggage?

Negative Emotions and unaddressed chronic illness are heavy baggage for your body to carry. The extra burden can contribute to physical and emotional distress that contribute to mental and physical illness.

Emotional Baggage
Did you know the physical and emotional health are related? Yes they are. That emotional baggage that you carry around with you every day can have very negative effects on your health. The evidence is in everyday life. Some common health problems related to stress, anxiety and depression are:
. Tension headaches
. Teeth grinding
. Irritable bowel syndrome
. Hypertension
. Ulcers
. Nausea

But did you know that neglecting your mental health can lead to other serious health conditions such as:
. Heart disease
. Weakened immune system
. Asthma
. Obesity
. Gastronomical problems
. Premature death

That’s right. All that stuff can happen as a result of that emotional baggage you hold onto. Our emotional state and physical states are connected. When you get scared, your heart rate increases. That is an emotion leading to a physical change, right? There are lots of them. The bottom line is that if you carry around a lot of negative emotions, it is going to have a negative effect on your health.

The fastest, easiest, and most personal way for us to unload our unclaimed emotional baggage is by practicing gratitude. Research has shown that people who practice gratitude feel less pain, have less sick days and suffer from less chronic illness than those who don’t. Gratitude increases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, chemicals in our brains that make us feel happy and positive.

At Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine, we think practicing gratitude is so important to your health, that we wrote a book to help you get in the grove. In just minutes a day you learn to retrain your brain into thinking positive and feeling gratitude. You become more positive, more peaceful, more connected and just plain happier! The book helps you find your own path to thinking and feeling better.

Another way to unload your emotional baggage is to run away from it! Or walk… for 30 minutes a day at a nice steady pace. Aerobic exercise, outside in the sun, helps to improve not only our physical body, but our mental and emotional health brightens too. This type of daily exercise also helps to improve immune function, increase energy, and improve attitude and positivity.

Physical Baggage of Chronic Illness
What is chronic illness baggage? Things like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and asthma are all chronic diseases that deplete our bodies of vitality and health. They can be improved, and in some cases resolved with proper nutrition and body movement. Notice that there is some overlap with our emotional baggage.

It is heavy baggage for your body to have a chronic illness that you are do nothing about except take a pill. Give it some assistance by doing your part: move your body, eat healthy foods, take appropriate supplements, and get integrative medicine support. Don’t forget your gratitude practice!

Come to Root Causes and let us help you ditch your baggage; both emotional and physical. Let us enhance your wellness by optimizing your health through nutrition, supplements, cutting edge therapeutics, body movement recommendations, and general health optimization assistance. We have numerous options to help you reach your optimal health level.

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