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START THE NEW DECADE IN 2020 WITH A  HEALTHY ATTITUDE ABOUT YOUR HEARING!At the start of each new year, many people make resolutions to improve their quality of health. As we enter a new decade, you should consider setting goals for better hearing healthcare! Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center offers Free Hearing Evaluations and consultations to determine the current status of your hearing, as well as realistic goals and expectations for improving your communication with your friends and family. We will help you understand how the human hearing system works in great detail and give you insights concerning the many treatment options available to you with today’s modern hearing technology. We will give you information about balance and dizziness and updates in the treatment of Tinnitus or “Ringing Ears.”

Hearing Testing is NOT Offered During Most Annual Physicals
Ever notice how during a physical exam your doctor seems to ask you about virtually every aspect of your health, but never mentions your hearing? You’re not alone. According to a survey by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), fewer than 15 percent of those who received a physical exam in the last year said they received a hearing screening by their physician or nurse during that exam. “More Americans than ever before are suffering with hearing loss,” says Sergei Kochkin, executive director of BHI. “Yet we treat hearing loss like a neglected orphan in today’s health care system. We still don’t have a universal hearing loss screening program for children or adults. And the historical incidence of physician screening for hearing loss has been low—despite the fact that more than 95 percent of those with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids.” There has also been recent research published by Johns Hopkins that shows that untreated hearing loss can greatly increase the instance of memory loss and cognitive problems, which makes it even more important to monitor your hearing acuity on a regular basis!

Find Clinicians with Expertise in All Aspects of Hearing Healthcare!
“When it comes to taking care of hearing loss, experience really matters!” states John Hoglund. “Most people do not fully understand how complicated hearing loss can be. There are so many factors involved, including the type of loss, how long the loss has been present, sensitivity to loud noises, balance and vertigo issues, as well as “ringing ears” and other head noises. Hearing loss has many causes, and impacts Patient’s lives in many ways. Clear data to the brain is critical for keeping strong cognitive ability … and untreated hearing loss dramatically influences the Patient’s memory and increases the risk of suffering falls. You need somebody with experience and knowledge that keeps you, the Patient, completely informed of the entire process and will work with you to find the best solution for your lifestyle and budget.”


We built our Practice on a foundation of providing education to the hearing impaired. We have given educational lectures since 1985 throughout the community for groups and organizations seeking speakers, and during the winter months, we have monthly “Lunch and Learn” seminars inviting people to local area restaurants to hear from educational speakers from across America who are experts in hearing issues. We invite representatives from the major manufacturers to hold product workshops showcasing the newest breakthroughs in today’s invisible, digital, wireless, and Bluetooth technology that works with your smart phone to offer health monitoring features.

Artificial Intelligence Has Dramatically Improved Hearing Instruments!
Starkey Hearing Technologies, for example, now offers a device called a “Hearable”! The Livio AI actually tracks brain and body health, monitoring daily functions like your heart rate, the number of steps you take each day and how much you have been engaged in conversation with others. This is done through monitors and sensors in your ear, which is the most accurate location for tracking brain and body activity. They also include a fall detection system that will alert up to three family members if a Patient suffers a fall, and a GPS feature will inform them where the fall has occurred. Our Practice is sponsoring a series of lectures throughout Southwest Florida February 10th in Cape Coral, February 11th in Fort Myers, February 12th in Bonita Springs, February 13th in Estero and February 14th in Naples about these incredible breakthroughs in hearing healthcare. Please call 239-908-0802 for the exact locations and times of these valuable lectures!

We provide all of these services and education completely free of charge to our Patients! “I never wanted expense to be a barrier to education,” states Mr. Hoglund. “So we always do our evaluations completely free of charge as a public service to Southwest Florida residents. The only obligation a Patient has is to themselves and to their families, but I want them to know everything they need to know about their hearing issues! Our little slogan we’ve used for 20 years is… ‘All it will COST is a little of your TIME… but the KNOWLEDGE you receive may be PRICELESS!’”

Please call us today to schedule an evaluation, if you have any questions about any topic concerning your hearing! Start the New Decade with a Full Hearing Evaluation!

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