Can Physical Therapy Effectively  Treat Foot Conditions?When we have foot pain or injury, it can be extremely difficult to heal without the proper treatment; this is especially true because we are continually putting weight and pressure on our feet daily, which can limit the facilitation of healing. Many people are unaware of the fact that physical therapists are an excellent alternative to treating certain foot and ankle conditions when trying to avoid surgery or masking symptoms with addictive pain medication.

Physical therapists specialize in getting to the cause of conditions and mapping out a personalized plan to help you stretch, strengthen, heal, and increase mobility in these injured areas. Many issues with the feet can be alleviated and rectified with the proper physical therapy (PT). For example, two common foot conditions, plantar fasciitis, and hammer toe can usually be healed or significantly improved with specific PT treatments.

Plantar Fasciitis
The foot is comprised of many different bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments these include the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a band of tissue similar to ligaments. It stretches from the heel of your foot to the middle, and it is responsible for supporting your arch.

This is one of the most common foot issues; in fact, one in ten people will experience plantar fasciitis at some time in their life. Usually, the pain is concentrated in the heel area, and it is typically caused by tiny injuries that occur over a long period of time. This area of the foot, in particular, takes a long time to heal so proper footwear, foot mechanics and stretching/strengthening exercises are the key to getting your foot health back to normal.

Hammer Toe
When the muscles in your toes get out of balance, they can start contracting into a claw-like position. This causes the toe to bend in an upward position in the middle joint of the toe. When this happens, it can create severe pain. Hammertoe can be genetic, and many times occurs in people with either a high arch or a flat foot. Various forms of arthritis can

contribute to this issue, as well. And unfortunately, ill-fitting footwear can exacerbate hammertoe, due to pushing the toes out of their normal position for long periods of time.

PT Treatment
Many times, the area that has an injury is not where the condition stems from. You can have plantar fasciitis because of a weakness or tightness of muscles throughout the leg or because of poor foot and ankle posturing. The body works together as a whole, and it is very often injured in unison with other large muscles groups or nerve impingements. The same holds true for misalignment; if the hips or legs are not aligned correctly or if mobility is limited, injury can occur and stem from those affected areas. Physical therapy offers a whole body diagnosis, treatment plan, manual manipulation of the involved tissues, exercises, stretches, and much more to get your body flowing and moving the way that it should.

Palm Coast PT
Palm Coast PT’s personalized approach is a big key to their success at creating lasting patient and physician relationships. They offer one-on-one patient care and develop treatment programs based on each individual’s needs. Their two Doctors of Physical Therapy solely provide treatment. They not only focus specifically on the patient’s treatment diagnosis but also on the body as a whole, giving patients high-quality outcomes with fewer therapy visits required. They believe in clinical excellence with a strong focus on continuing education and manual therapy. They have extensive training in manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and neuromuscular re-education, giving them a solid foundation to treat all musculoskeletal disorders with high patient satisfaction.

Palm Coast PT’s warm and friendly clinic is privately owned and operated by a physical therapist, which enables them to focus on individualized, high-quality patient care. They believe in the “patient first” mentality and focus on creating a sense of well-being for all of their patients. Palm Coast PT’s patients are like family, and they give them the very best of care!

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