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Neuroscientific Breakthroughs Reduce Anxiety & Improve Failing Memory

Neuroscientific Breakthroughs Reduce Anxiety & Improve Failing Memory21st century anxiety and memory based difficulties are being treated at MindSpa, Sarasota Florida with exciting experimental intervention protocols.

Dr. George Lindenfeld, Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, is actively treating anxiety issues such as phobias, panic attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other anxiety/fear based difficulties such as insomnia.  His quick acting treatment is called RESET Therapy. This intervention is non-invasive and rapidly helps the brain to reset trauma circuitry back to a normative state.

Dr. George Rozelle, Diplomate in Neurofeedback and Board Certified in Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG), is now using non-invasive light to reverse declining memory and improving multi-tasking brain-related abilities.

After intensive investigation, the manner in which the brain stores long-term memory is now beginning to be understood.  Researchers have found that memories are repeatedly reinstated in the brain through neuronal pathways after they have been recalled or activated.  This exciting process is called reconsolidation.   An example would be a persisting fear of crossing high bridges which clearly is a difficulty in Florida or other coastal regions. This might be triggered by watching a movie of a crossing of a high bridge or the anticipation of an upcoming trip where a high bridge needs to be spanned.

RESET Therapy is an exciting experimental treatment using neuro-modulated sound to alter the anxiety-based neuron circuits in the brain.  Through the use of a special non-invasive sound, we are now able to disrupt the reconsolidation process thereby enhancing the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Specifically, the emotional aspects of anxiety based memories ‘drop out’ during the memory reconsolidation phase. Clinically, RESET Therapy directly and rapidly disrupts the anxiety-related memory circuits.  Each and every time, whenever an anxiety-based memory is triggered intentionally or unintentionally, a reconsolidation process takes place.  When this occurs, the emotional components associated with anxiety-based events are transformed permanently and completely. RESET Therapy is able to return the brain’s synaptic function back to normal.

This new, sound based therapy is showing the potential to alter the continual suffering associated with anxiety difficulties.  Other psychological as well as physical applications are being explored including assisting those suffering from unresolved grief, chronic pain, addictive difficulties and obesity to name but a few. With successful treatment, reduction of medication usage is likely through the prescribing physician’s modification. RESET Therapy is rapid with relief often obtained within two to four treatment sessions. Unfortunately, since this is an experimental treatment, reimbursement is not available through insurance coverage.

Dr. George Lindenfeld is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, trauma and anxiety expert, author, RESET Therapy trainer and speaker on PTSD and anxietal issues. Visit his webpage at: or contact him directly at:

In the year 1901, a woman called Auguste Deter was taken to a mental asylum in Frankfort, Germany. Auguste was delusional and couldn’t even remember the most basic details of her life.

Her doctor’s name was Alois Alzheimer. Alois didn’t know how to help Auguste but he attended to her till she finally passed away in 1906. After she died, Alois performed an autopsy and found strange plaques and tangles in Auguste’s brain the likes of which he’d never seen before.

Now here’s the most striking thing. If Auguste had been alive today, we could offer her no more help than Dr. Alois Alzheimer was able to come up with 114 years ago. Since 1901, medicine has advanced greatly however, we’ve made absolutely no major advances in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s now effects over 40 million people world-wide. By 2050, it will affect over 150 million which will include many millennials. If you’re hoping to live to be 85 years or older, your chances of developing Alzheimer’s will be one in two.

In other words, many of you will be spending your golden years suffering from Alzheimer’s or caring for a loved one who has the condition. In the United States alone, Alzheimer’s care costs 200 billion dollars each year. One of every five Medicare dollars is spent on Alzheimer’s. It is today, the most expensive disease that will likely increase five-fold by 2050 as this generation ages. To put it simply, Alzheimer’s is one of the biggest medical and social challenges of our generation.

The good news is that neurotechnology is making exciting breakthroughs in our ability to tap into the brain’s neuroplasticity to provide better outcomes for conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Dr. Rozelle is currently exploring the use of state-of the art light therapy to promote healing, emotional well-being, and improved cognitive functioning in his patients. This treatment is based on the ability of light to penetrate the skull into the brain and bloodstream thereby affecting all parts of the body. Each of our neurons contain light sensitive receptors that are energy producers. They also release important chemicals that improve blood flow and enhance healing in the brain. By placing a headset on the scalp, we can transmit a healing infrared light into the brain. It is also possible to reach the vital underside of the brain through the nose with an intra-nasal device.

Research has shown that red and infrared light, when presented at precise wave lengths, can positively affect the power plants of the cell called the mitochondria. Production of a chemical called ATP increases energy which results in cellular repair, increased cerebral blood flow as well as growth in the ability to have neurons communicate with each other. Dr. Rozelle is conducting research in order to evaluate the effect of this light therapy on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Dr. Rozelle is a BCIA Certified Senior Fellow and a Board Certified Diplomate in Quantitative Electroencephalograpy and Neurotherapy. He is a frequent presenter and trainer at state and national professional associations. For more information go to: or call 941-378-9959.


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