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How Integrative Services Helped Me Lose Weight


How Integrative Services  Helped Me Lose Weight “Are you someone who has tried every diet plan known to mankind maybe you’ve given up and have decided nothing works?

It wasn’t until I found integrative services that now I can tell a new story,

I could no longer try fad diets read Quick Fix books, diet pills, 500 calorie diet plans. I was now in a state called metabolic syndrome… A cluster of symptoms: increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.

I needed help and I found that at integrative services in Bonita Springs.

My plan consisted of blood test, goal setting, meal planning and acupuncture.

Dr. Teresa Spano recommended a jumpstart weight loss program. I began with a 10-day detox and blood work. Within 10 days my blood sugar levels dropped and my blood pressure went into normal range. I began noticing that my waist was beginning to lose inches and I felt better. I knew I was on the right track.

Physician Renee Sarra added ear seeds to my acupuncture program.

I didn’t know anything about ear seeds but I was willing to give it a try. I am here to tell you that once skeptic, now believer, ear seeds has been a second key component to making weight loss easier.

My ear seeds were placed in different parts of the ear that correspond to the different body parts that may be out of balance to help with metabolic syndrome, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, and even food cravings.

My first week of ear seeds I noticed that I did not have cravings, my moods were more consistent and my mind calm.

I am grateful for Dr. Theresa Spano and Dr. Renee Sarra. They have helped me put my life back on track.

Because of Integrative Medicine services, I found myself again.

Thank you!”

Lee Health
26800 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 350, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Heather Auld, M.D., FACOG, ABOIM Integrative Medicine
Teresa Spano, ND, CNS
Naturopathic Consultant
Renee Sarra, A.P., D.O.M.
Acupuncture Physician,
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Lynn Snyder, CMA
Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Master


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