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Which is More Important for Health and Fat Loss, Diet or Exercise?

Which is More Important for Health and Fat Loss, Diet or Exercise?The answer, not surprisingly, is that both diet and exercise are key components for optimal health and fat loss. We will start by separating the two to look at each individually regarding fat loss and optimal health. For fat loss, we want first to make it clear that we are differentiating fat loss versus total weight loss. We primarily want to lose just fat and not lean tissue like muscle or decrease bone density. Diet is the clear winner when it comes to losing total weight, but it is more evenly split when it comes to fat loss and reducing your body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage is one of the key indicators of not only better health but also body composition and how you look and feel.

Although dieting is the more critical component to fat and weight loss, ideally, you combine both in a healthy way that not only helps you lose the most weight and fat but also improves your overall health. If as an example, you went on a diet and began an exercise program that resulted in losing ten pounds of total weight, about 75% of the total weight loss is attributed to diet and, the remaining 25% is attributed to exercise. However, without exercise to at least maintain your lean tissue, you are not just losing fat but are also losing muscle and bone density. Neither is overly healthy and losing muscle ultimately slows down your metabolism and reduces the calories you burn at rest, which is by far, the major component of daily calories burned. And what most people really desire to achieve aesthetically is a toned look that comes dually from reducing unhealthy fat and gaining or maintaining lean muscle. The combination of diet and exercise is the clear winner when it comes to the quickest and healthiest way to lose fat, look and feel your best and increase energy and performance.

As for overall health, both are key components of a complete approach to improving your physical and mental health. The quality and quantity of your dietary intake are critical to prevent or control many types of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health, etc. The scientific research and real-life results, as well as real-life improvements, are equally evident as to exercise being a key component of overall physical and mental health. The biochemistry of the brain is positively affected by exercise. Aerobic workouts like cycling are prescribed and helpful for treating diseases like depression and anxiety as well increasing circulation in the brain. This helps promote healthy brain function and balanced brain chemistry. Aerobic exercise also provides many physical health benefits and prevents or helps control diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart health.

As you can see exercise and diet are each a critical component of overall health and fat loss. They are the perfect combination if you want to improve overall health, reduce fat, perform, and look and feel your best. Thus, if you are working with a big box gym or another fitness facility that doesn’t offer customized nutrition planning, you are only being provided with 25% of the solution for fat and weight loss and missing an equally key ingredient (literally) in overall health and body composition. If you choose a dieting alone approach like Weight Watchers, you are delaying your results and missing a key driver of optimal physical and mental health if not including exercise. Many of you may have tried several of these approaches to lose fat and improve your health and ultimately were not successful.

Some may even feel they failed at the programs, but the fact is you did not fail, but they failed you by not providing a complete solution to the difficult challenge of fat loss and making changes to improve your health. And if neither option offers a one-on-one coach to help make sure you are showing up and implementing the program, then the best exercise or diet programs are useless if you are not following them.

At Cycle Station we provide a complete Fitness Solution to drive better health, accelerate fat loss, add lean muscle, skyrocket your metabolism, and improve your energy and performance all under one roof. We provide the one-on-one coaching to help make sure you get sustainable health and life-changing results…and have a blast doing it.

At Cycle Station our ultimate goal is to Get You Fit For Life!

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