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Floating: An Ideal Stress Management  Tool That’s in DemandDid you know that 40 Million people in the United States are suffering from stress, depression and anxiety? If you’re one of them, leaving your disorder untreated can cause significant physical health disorders and diseases to develop, as well as cognitive decline. There are many ways to reduce stress like anti-anxiety drugs, but those are often addictive and have other adverse side effects. Some people see great results with exercise, yoga, meditation or massage, but many are finding that floatation is the answer they’ve been looking for all along.

Float tanks were developed over 60 years ago, but it’s just now becoming mainstream. Many of us have heard so much in the media about the benefits of floating therapy, but the details of the health benefits are better explained here. A float spa is an ultimate escape for overall health improvement. Whether referred to as sensory deprivation tanks, float tanks or simply “floating,” deprivation therapy treatments diminish nearly all sights, sounds, smells and touch, earning a reputation for naturally easing many ailments. Floaters report sensory deprivation tank benefits include insomnia cures and relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even addiction. Perhaps the beauty in all of this is that these reported benefits are possible without a doctor’s visit, breaking a sweat or filling any prescriptions.

Relaxation and meditation practices are essential methods to tamp down elevated stress hormones.

When the body and mind are under increased levels of stress hormones, it can lead to multiple health disorders. If a person is under chronic stress or long term depression and anxiety, this can exacerbate issues such as fatigue, muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, mood changes, irritability, poor emotional control, concentration issues headaches and other physical symptoms. Studies have considered that float tanks are a valuable method for inducing relaxation and due to their high magnesium levels, they can also reduce pain and inflammation.

Floating, also known as Flotation Therapy, has been used for years for its mental, spiritual, meditative, and physical benefits and has a vast amount of published research to support its claims. You will experience zero gravity weightlessness! There is 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in the shallow water you float in, so your body is extremely buoyant. This ratio is comparable to the salt ratio of the Dead Sea and allows for the most advantageous experience for the body and mind.

Inside the float tank, the water is shallow and kept at 93.5 degrees. This is considered skin-receptor neutral, which means that you can lose track of where your body ends, and the water begins. Skin-receptor neutral has many touted health benefits of its own, including meditative relaxation, which can help the body and mind calm and rejuvenate.

You will be given ear plugs because your ears will be below the water. There is a neck pillow if you’d prefer your ears to be above the water. The tanks are insulated against sound, so noise from the outside doesn’t reach you. You do have the option to listen to music if you wish to, but we encourage you to just relax and enjoy being unplugged to the World.

After you turn out the lights you will float in total darkness, though you do have the option to leave small, colored LED lights on. During your float session the world is gone; it is a total escape. Your body experiences amazing mental and physical benefits. Your body gets to rest, without stress and heal.

Reduce your stress and anxiety by easing your way into, relaxing, weightless floating at Cloud9!

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