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How do you FEEL in your SKIN?

An Advanced Procedure Can Change Your Life.

How do you FEEL in your SKIN?  Preparing for vacations, barbeques, family get-togethers, and beach days are not always easy for many individuals struggling with body issues. We’ve all been there, stubborn belly fat, the dreaded bra bulge, extra pounds on our thighs, and bat arms can make us feel less likely to step out with confidence.

Working out, eating right and the unfortunate, less-than-stellar results of some spa treatments can leave us desperate at the eleventh hour, but there is a better way! The trick is getting the right treatment at the right time. And now is the time if you’d like to look your best by summer with lasting results that will take you well past the Holidays and into your new leaner future.

There is light at the end of the yoyo-dieting tunnel. LipoLaser is an advanced procedure that has trimmed off inches of fat on both men and women alike. And unlike other non-invasive fat-reducing laser treatments, the good news is, that it even works on those individuals that are still on the heavier side.

Laura’s Experience
For example, Laura had struggled for years with her weight and body image. She was honest enough to tell us that she dislikes dieting and exercise and finds it challenging to follow restrictive plans. Many of us can relate to her routine. However, she was increasingly growing unhappy with specific areas, like her inner thigh bulge and her belly fat, especially around her C-section scar.

For women that have had a C-section, it’s extremely difficult to lose weight and tighten the area up because the muscles have been completely severed and take specific exercises to get the fibers to grow back together. This is why many women have a “pot belly” or “meno-pot” appearance.

After just a few weeks of LipoLaser sessions, Laura saw drastic results. This procedure changed her life. She lost 7 ¾ inches total and approximately 2% body fat. Dieting and exercising alone may not have produced this outcome, and it definitely would have taken much longer than just 9 short weeks.

When we asked Laura, how satisfied she was with her results, and would you do it over again or recommend it others, she answered, “I am so happy with the results, and I recommend it to everyone that’s overweight, or that have body issues. I fit so much better in my clothes, and I feel more confident.” She also explained that with her physician’s expertise, she had the utmost confidence in Dr. Larry Johnson, who performed her LipoLaser Procedures.

Unlike traditional Liposuction, LipoLaser is 100% non-invasive. Liposuction comes with a hefty price tag, will require surgery using a cannula to shred fat under the skins surface aggressively, creates a lengthy downtime to heal (usually 6 months) completely, and it can also leave individuals with pockets of sagging skin.

How Does LipoLaser Work?
A central component of the LipoLaser is the cutting-edge diode laser. It’s well documented that diode lasers can penetrate and absorb lipids (fat) by creating a thermal result that melts the fat membranes. LipoLaser creates lypolosis, which creates heat from fiber-optic lasers that penetrate fat cells and the cells absorb the electromagnetic energy, which releases water, glycerol and fatty acids from the fat cells. From there, the body will naturally process the released substances and excrete them through waste production. The fat cells are then smaller due to shrinkage. Not only are patients experiencing drastic fat reduction, but the skin becomes firmer due to an increase in collagen production. This collagen increase also makes the appearance of cellulite condensed.

Larry D. Johnson, DC, of Cape Coral, a practicing Chiropractor, opened the Body By Design Laser Spa a few years ago. His patients see excellent results with fat reduction and other various therapeutic treatment options that he offers at his highly-regarded medical spa.

Now you can achieve comparable results to traditional liposuction with the non-invasive LipoLaser, just like Dawn. If you’ve got stubborn bulges or want to decrease the look of cellulite, there is no better way.

LipoLaser’s revolutionary fat Removal and reduction, is fast, safe and pain-free, isn’t it time for you to get your confidence back? Find out more about LipoLaser or other body treatments, please contact Body By Design Laser Spa at (239) 574-5559

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