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“A Star Is Born” Sheds Light on Tinnitus!

By Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Services

“A Star Is Born” Sheds Light on Tinnitus!In the movie “A Star is Born,” Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper) is a famous musician who performs very loud, rock-n-roll concerts to sold-out arenas every night. As a result of all this noise and the fact that he was born with hearing loss, Maine hears a constant ringing tone in his head, called Tinnitus, and often has trouble hearing conversations.

Maine’s manager and otolaryngologist urge him to wear in-ear monitors, which are custom-molded ear plugs that block sound and allow musicians to hear their voices and instruments over loud audiences and speakers, but he refuses. Over the course of the film, the tinnitus gets worse, and Maine fails to manage it appropriately, making it more traumatic. Without giving too much away, the end of the film is a poignant reminder that hearing loss and conditions like tinnitus should be taken seriously!

As you can imagine, ear issues and hearing loss are occupational hazards for musicians, especially those who perform live and are exposed to loud speakers. But Maine’s story, although it’s fictional, shows just how impactful tinnitus can be for some individuals. John Hoglund BC-HIS,ACA and his wife Patricia have worked with Tinnitus Patients throughout Southwest Florida for many years, and they are thrilled that this film has shed a light on this confusing and frustrating condition. “If this helps motivate musicians to take better care of their hearing due to the star power of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, that would be phenomenal,” John states. “The BEST Tinnitus Treatment… is PREVENTING it from occurring in the first place!”

Simply thinking about an incessant buzzing, beeping, humming, or static noise in your head is annoying enough to make most of us cringe, but tinnitus can affect people’s mental health and well-being in a very serious way. “A lot of people with bothersome or intrusive tinnitus are experiencing depression and or anxiety because of the ringing,” Dr. Sherlock says. On top of that, “some people who are already depressed or anxious are more likely to react to having ringing in the ears than if they were not already depressed or anxious.”

Common difficulties associated with Tinnitus
Tinnitus is often accompanied by a series of frustrating issues:
• Sleeping problems
• Annoyance, irritation
• Difficulty relaxing
• Despair and frustration
• Problems focusing on speech
• Concentration difficulties

The majority of severe tinnitus sufferers experience various psychological side effects that may have a devastating impact on their daily lives.

Some people have reported to be suffering from emotional problems and depression. Suddenly they feel their whole life being affected by tinnitus. They fear that the noise will increase over the years and never disappear. One explanation for their emotional problems is that other people are generally unaware of the condition. Sufferers feel overlooked and all alone with their problem. Many also find it difficult to maintain concentration as a lot of energy is used on the annoying sound in the ears and slowly this drains away all energy. The psychological problems may affect the tinnitus sufferer’s social life. General fatigue and lack of energy eventually affects friends and family. Attention may be drawn away from work and leisure activities. Some people become very sensitive to certain sounds like constant talking or loud music and therefore avoid such social situations. They easily feel isolated and think that tinnitus is the big obstacle in their social life. The Medical Community often tells Patients, that they just have to learn to live with it!

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