By Dr. Linell King

What’s Your Gut FeelingHave you experienced unwelcome changes in your digestion such as: bloating, gassiness, cramping, diarrhea, or constipation? Is it difficult to tolerate foods that you once effortlessly enjoyed? Does your digestion dictate your lifestyle or affect your daily agenda?

It’s not uncommon to experience occasional diarrhea or constipation, but when these uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms linger, you should realize that it’s time to take a closer look at the cause of your suffering. Over 20% of the population carries a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, not including the nearly 45 million Americans that silently suffer from the symptoms of IBS. Many individuals do not address their digestion issues with their healthcare provider, or their provider treats only the symptoms. As a result, many unfortunate individuals limit their diets and lifestyles to accommodate their digestive dysfunction.

Digestive issues are not something to “deal with” or write off as normal. Intermittent or chronic symptoms may lead to increased risk for other disorders and conditions, which may not become evident until years later, as a result of compromised digestion and assimilation.

The traditional medical interventions such as laxatives, steroids, antidiarrheal medications, acid-reducing drugs, and other conventional treatments not only simply mask symptoms, but can have detrimental effects on overall health. Studies show that long term use of antacid medications is associated with increased cognitive decline and dementia. The side effects of many IBS drugs can exacerbate diarrhea or constipation in certain patients, and may increase the risk for diseases like pancreatitis.

Improve Digestion, Naturally.
• Eat clean, whole foods
• Move your body mindfully, daily
• Drink plenty of water
• Include prebiotics and probiotics in your diet
• Work with a provider to choose high-quality, appropriate supplementation for your needs
• Avoid irritants like caffeine, smoking, alcohol, sugar, chemicals, and processed food

Eating whole foods provides essential nutrients for overall health; and significantly reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and elsewhere. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and oils, while avoiding excess salt, sugar, and processed foods.. Fortify your system with the essentials needed to digest and function optimally.

Finding the root cause of your digestive discomfort is critical for your overall health. Inflammatory conditions, in the gut and elsewhere, may be caused by environmental toxins, the foods we eat, and chemical exposures. These symptoms are exacerbated by a stressed and sedentary lifestyle. For many, these issues can be improved, or sometimes healed completely. Creating better gut health will improve a myriad of other conditions, and you can do it naturally!

Naples Vitality’s functional medicine team creates a plan that’s uniquely personalized to you. At Naples Vitality, we address weight loss, allergies, diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, inflammation, and more, through thorough assessment, appropriate testing, and highly individualized functional medicine.

Linell King MD, renowned internist and author of “Mastering Vitality” received his medical degree from the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine, and completed his residency at The Johns Hopkins University Sinai Hospital Program of Internal Medicine. He has been practicing for twenty years; currently at his “Naples Vitality” office in downtown Naples, FL.

Our practice size is limited to ensure the best possible care for our clientele; we qualify and accept patients committed to working collaboratively to create improved health and continued success.

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