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Back to School—It’s Time for Physicals!

Back to School—It’s Time for Physicals!Gearing up for sending your kids back to school means shopping for school supplies, perhaps buying some new clothing and more importantly, getting your child’s school and sports physical examinations completed.

Students that are preparing to be involved in any sports-related activities must have a sports physical.  Certain schools require the examinations to be given a few weeks before participating in sports, so it’s important to schedule your child’s visit now.

EPN Urgent care is currently running a back-to-school special for the community, offering complete sports and school physicals for a low cost of $15 each, now through the end of August.

How are sports physicals different from annual physicals?
The sports physical determines whether your child is fit or healthy enough to partake in certain activities.  As some sports are more demanding than others, the sport your child is interested in will be taken into consideration.  During the examination, the physician will check your child’s blood pressure and pulse rate, heart and lung functions, posture, range of motion, abdominal condition and respiratory breathing.

In addition, the doctor will ask if your child has history of the following:
• Allergies
• Asthma-related issues
• Fainting disorders
• Illness or family member illnesses
• Medications or supplements that are taken
• Previous broken bones, sprains or strains
• Prior sports participation
• Surgeries or hospitalizations

Why are annual physicals important?
Many schools also require students to have a back-to-school physical annually, before returning for the new school year.  These physicals are an essential element to keeping your child’s vaccinations up to date, as well as determining their health and wellness.

During the exam, the child’s weight and height will be recorded, along with an examination of their eyes, ears, nose and throat.  If necessary, blood work may be ordered and recommendations on immunizations may be given.  Your child’s overall health will be evaluated for any diseases or disorders.  If there is anything out of the ordinary, your doctor may prescribe medications or request follow-up testing.  This will not only keep your child healthy, but will also help to protect other children against preventable illnesses.

Additional areas addressed during your child’s exam include:
• Development assessment compared to other
children of the same age and sex
• Nutrition evaluation
• Checking for lice
• Sleep habits
• Behavioral health

Most physical examinations take approximately 20 to 45 minutes to complete.  Appointments for school and sports physicals fill up quickly this time of year, so please give EPN Urgent Care a call today to schedule your appointment before the new school year begins.  EPN also offers an online service that allows patients to book an arrival time to avoid a lengthy wait.  This is available on the website,

Customer service is the essence of EPN Urgent Care: the satisfaction and care of patients takes precedence above all else.  Please let us be your ultimate resource for quality medical treatment in the Naples area.

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