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Getting Regular Skin Checks Can Save Your Life

Getting Regular Skin Checks Can Save Your LifeWe have so many choices and options when it comes to keeping our skin healthy, from protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays to getting rejuvenating aesthetic procedures. Dermatology Solutions specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology.

A small investment of your time can help save your life. Living in Florida, we all know the importance of sun safety and skin cancer screenings. Every hour a person dies of melanoma, and this year alone, over 76,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed. On average skin cancer screenings take about 10 minutes, which could potentially save your life.

The best way to identify potential skin cancer is through annual full-body skin examination with a qualified medical professional. Because it’s nearly impossible to look at your own skin in its entirety, and unfortunately skin cancers can hide from sight or be mistaken for harmless skin growths, it’s essential to see a dermatologist regularly.

Along with the unfortunate diagnosis of melanoma, many other skin disorders can be detected in your dermatologist’s office with a thorough skin cancer screening and examination. A dermatologist can diagnose up to 3,000 different skin disorders. On a regular basis, you should have a screening at least once a year. And, because some forms of skin cancer grow very rapidly, if you are experiencing any new forms of lesions, bumps, moles that are of concern, you should schedule a dermatology appointment immediately.

The symptoms to look for in moles or lesions are outlined in this simple acronym, ABCDE:
B—Border Irregularity
C—Color-Variegated or a Halo Effect

Additional signs to look for:
A—Amelanotic (Pink or Red Lesion)
B—Bleeding/Bump (Raised Lesion)
C—Color Uniformity
D—De Novo Development

The best way to prevent skin cancer is to be proactive and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays
• Avoid the sun between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm
• Wear sun protective clothing (hats, long sleeves)
• Apply SPF of 15 or higher every two hours
• Avoid sitting by windows that allow in UV light
(wear SPF)
• Get regular skin cancer screenings and exams

Because early detection is the key to successful treatment, continual emphasis on the importance of regular skin screenings are critical to your health. Proactive prevention through sun protection and early diagnosis continue to be the smartest strategies.

Personalized Skin Care
Dermatology Solutions is here for all of your skincare needs. They continue to provide the highest quality dermatology care, cosmetic dermatology, and now Mohs surgery to the community of Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas. Their office specializes in skin care to help you attain healthy and beautiful skin. They evaluate and manage patients requiring medical and surgical care for cutaneous disorders and cosmetic dermatological procedures. Their team of dermatologists comes with years of expertise in dermatopathology and minor surgery, as well as evaluating the full spectrum of skin disorders.

Dermatology Services and Procedures
• Diagnosis and treatment of general dermatological disorders
• Treatment of malignant and benign skin lesions
• Dermatological surgery: excision, flaps, and grafts
• Melanoma surgery
• Mohs Surgery
• Full Cosmetic Dermatology Services

Please contact Dermatology Solutions today at 239-694-7546.

Dermatology Soutions
14071 Metropolis Ave
Ft Myers, FL 33912

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