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Radio-Frequency for Long-Lasting Pain Relief

By Jordan Churchill, Director of Operations

Radio-Frequency for  Long-Lasting Pain ReliefEffective treatment of chronic pain-causing conditions, like arthritis of the spine for instance, is undergoing rapid advancement. In the past, liberal use of anti-inflammatory steroid was the only recourse for arthritic pain. The problem with steroids? They carry short and long term disadvantages. For patients who are diabetic, steroid-use must be minimized due to its effect on glucose (the body’s sugar levels). Steroids can also immunosuppress the body, making them a poor choice for patients with compromised immune systems or infections. This has too often left sufferers of back pain with limited options.

However, new advances in percutaneous (needle-guided) procedures now allow interventional pain management physicians to effectively treat these conditions, without the use of steroids. Radio-Frequency Ablation (RFA) is a unique technology designed to treat the source of arthritic back, neck, knee, and hip pain. Restore Medical Partners physicians, Dr. Lindsey Job, Dr. Peter Fernandez, and Dr. Lindsay Shroyer, have completed thousands of these cutting edge procedures and have proven the long-lasting benefits of the treatment. Restore Medical Partners employs the latest in radio-frequency technology to bring superior results to patients in our community who otherwise struggle to combat their arthritis pain and whose pain limits their daily and recreational activities. These procedures are minimally invasive, without the need for anything beyond a needle, and can provide long-lasting pain relief of 12+ months.

RFA is completed as a same-day service, typically with sedation, getting patients back on their feet quickly and providing a comfortable experience along the way. Along with a bevy of other pain treatment options, RFA is one of the tools in the pocket of the Restore Medical Partners team. It is safe, covered by all major insurances, and is a proven method for reducing arthritis pain.

For those patients who need spine surgery, RFA has also been shown to improve post-operative outcomes as well.

Interventional pain management and spine care have undergone a revolution. If you suffer with arthritic pain and it impacts your quality of life, there is no need to suffer. RFA might be right for you.

Jordan Churchill is a UK-born medical practice executive, and Director of Operations for Restore Medical Partners. He is an active member of the Venice Young Professionals and has become well known in Venice area medical circles. His background includes medical strategic management, office surgery development, and business operations.

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