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Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida

Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida   Every nine minutes someone in our community is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Chances are you or someone you know or love will be affected by the disease.

PD is the fastest growing disease in our community. Advancing age is the most significant risk factor for PD. Living in a community with significant aging population, experts unfortunately predict that diagnoses will reach catastrophic levels. As life expectancy increases, so does the number of people living with the disease which is expected to double in the next 15 years. With no cure in sight, the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida (PASFI) advocates for our local PD community. Thousands of people in our community rely on the services of PASFI.

For over twenty years, The Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida (PASFI) has been improving the quality of life of persons with Parkinson’s and their care partners while creating a safe, nurturing and welcoming community. PASFI advocate for our members and educate our community about PD. PASFI nurture relationships among those involved in the care of persons with PD.

PASFI connects people to the information, support services, programs and activities they need to enhance wellness, live an active, engaged life moving forward and delay the progression of the disease. Daily from Marco Island to southern Lee County, we offer movement classes, support groups, speech classes, social activities and educational programming for people with PD, their care partners and families.

In the last year we have made significant strides to increase our therapies and programs to meet the growing needs of the community, yet it is still not enough to meet the growing needs of our community. The number of new people accessing our services has doubled in the last year. Your financial investment in PASFI is an investment in our local community. For every dollar you donate, close to 90 cents supports the necessary services that hep delay the progression of the disease.

It is a disease of the central nervous system that touches almost every aspect of daily living, including: movement, mood, speech, eating and drinking, sleep, and cognitive changes. It progresses over time, robbing a person of independence through increasing complications, and impacts the loved ones of people with Parkinson as well.

Currently there is no objective test to diagnosis PD. Typically, a Neurologist takes a careful medical history and performs a thorough neurological examination, looking in particular for two or more of the cardinal signs to be present.

Following are the 10 early warning signs of Parkinson Disease:
1. Tremor or Shaking
2. Small Handwriting
3. Loss of smell
4. Trouble Sleeping
5. Trouble Moving or Walking
6. Constipation
7. A Soft or Low Voice
8. Masked Face
9. Dizziness or Fainting
10. Stooped or Hunched Over

For more information on Parkinson Disease or to get involved please call 239-417-3465 or visit our office at 5926 Premier Way, Suite 114 Naples, Florida 34109.

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