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June is Men’s Health Month Checking in on Men’s Health

By T.J. DePaola, PharmD

June is Men’s Health Month Checking in on Men’s Health June is Men’s Health Month, a perfect time to talk with the men in our lives about optimizing their health, especially as they age. One valuable addition men can make to their daily health regimen, is including daily vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vitamins and minerals are essential to keeping our bodies healthy. They function as both regulators and inhibitors and play an important role in hundreds of different bodily functions. Vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K are all vitamins the human body needs to thrive. Getting the right amounts of each vitamin and mineral each day is key to complete mind and body health.

It’s reasonable to assume that consuming a balanced and nutritious diet, would also mean daily vitamin and mineral requirements are also being met. But approximately 75 percent of today’s typical Western diet is comprised of processed foods. Consequently, even when consuming fruits and vegetables in recommended daily amounts, our diets fail to deliver the nutrients our bodies’ need to stay healthy.

This is problematic as even short-term vitamin deficiencies can result in many unhealthy outcomes, including softened bones, muscle weakness, nerve damage, and depression. Long-term deficiencies, meanwhile, can lead to inflammation, weakened bodies, and increased risk of chronic illness. Neurological issues, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, are also tied to diets lacking in vitamins and minerals over time.

To help patients achieve their own personal health goals, Cypress Pharmacy offers a customizable supplement program. Through one-on-one patient and pharmacist consultation services, pharmacists create tailored supplement regimens, which also account for a patient’s current medical condition, as well as their medications. Particularly of interest to men as they age, are supplements supporting prostate health and male virility.

For prostate health and urinary function support, saw palmetto facilitates healthy testosterone metabolism, while nettle root maintains healthy hormone metabolism in prostate cells. Zinc, pygeum africanum, and pumpkin seed oil also aid healthy prostate gland and urinary tract function.

For male virility support, Cypress Pharmacy has formatted a proprietary male formula to support healthy sex drive, energy and stamina. Herbal ingredients include: horny goat weed, an effective regulator of the PDE-5 enzyme; Tribulus terrestris, to support healthy testosterone levels; maca, for enhanced endurance, energy and sexual virility; and damiana and muria puama, potent aphrodisiacs that help support libido and male vitality.

Cypress Pharmacy also offers a free vitamin club, providing adults aged 50+ with the nutrients needed to promote healthier living. Once a month, customers can collect one complimentary 30-count bottle of Leader Adult 50+ Multivitamins. To join the program, participants simply need to complete an enrollment form, and will receive their Club Card at Cypress Pharmacy.

Cypress Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that has been providing pharmaceutical and healthcare services in Fort Myers for more than 40 years. The entire staff, including pharmacists T.J. DePaola and Justin Ceravolo, are dedicated to providing the best possible service to every customer. For more information, call 239-481-7322 or visit

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