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Immune Strengtheners: Advice for Your Local Pharmacy

According to the CDC, last year, Florida was one of the states with the highest records of influenza infections. Adults 65 and over are more susceptible to the dangers of the flu, as their symptoms can quickly exacerbate into pneumonia or other disease states. However, the immune systems of all ages are struggling to stave off this year’s treacherous flu epidemic.

In regards to keeping yourself healthy any time of the year, it’s essential to plan ahead, as there are ways to prevent viruses, cold, infections, and the flu. If you or a loved one becomes infected with the virus, there are antiviral homeopathic remedies that may help limit the length and severity of the flu.

Get Plenty of Rest and Drink Plenty of Fluids

Elderberry has been used to fight infections and viruses for thousands of years. Because of its immune-modulating and antioxidant properties, Black Elderberry is able to work at the cellular level and provide deep support for overall immune health. (1)

Black elderberry has antioxidant properties that specifically support and maintain proper mucous membranes and protects the upper respiratory system. It can be used daily as an immune booster, or it can be taken in higher doses at the onset of a virus, like the flu to lessen the effects and promote healing.

Olive Leaf
The olive tree produces a molecule called oleuropein. This substance is found in the fruit, the oil, and the leaves. When it’s extracted directly from the leaves, you’re left with a potent antioxidant that is known for its oxidative and antioxidant effects. It is said to have five times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C. Olive leaf boasts a phytochemical component that is responsible for the immune boosting power of the extract.

A French physician, Joseph Roy, discovered Oscillococcinum in the early 1900’s when he was searching for a cure for the Spanish flu. According to Boiron, the primary manufacturer of Oscillococcinum, a diluted homeopathic substance, they state that their product temporarily relieves flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue.

There are so many other well researched immune strengtheners to help keep us healthy like vitamin C, oregano oil, lemon balm, and astragalus. When you decide to add supplements to your diet, it’s imperative to seek out the highest-quality brands and discuss with an expert. The Center Pharmacy carries supplements and will be able to advise you on what is best for you based on your prescription and medical history.

Center Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that was established in 1983. At Center Pharmacy, they believe there is a better way. Their prices on average are better than the big chains. Center Pharmacy is privately owned, so they set their own prices for cash paying patients and work with prescription savings programs to help reduce copays.

Center Pharmacy is a licensed PCCA compounding pharmacy member. With access to over 9,500 proprietary formulas – the largest in the industry – Center Pharmacy has the best tools available to create personalized medicine for specific patient needs. Center Pharmacy compounding expertise includes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, dermatology, veterinary, gastrointestinal, pediatric, and much more…

Driven by their belief that no two individuals are exactly alike and their deep concern about the individual needs of every patient, their mission is to provide unique health care solutions using both commercially available pharmaceuticals and customized, compounded prescription medications. They are dedicated to formulating creative, individualized, compounded medications that can improve compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success and reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Center Pharmacy is a specialist in adherence packaging and has the capability to package your medications with the Pass-Pass system. Similar to Pill-Pack, the Pass-Pack system organizes your monthly medications in packaging that is convenient and simple to follow.

They are a small, private pharmacy that has a vision. Once you tell them your name, they’ll remember it. If you have special needs, they will do their very best to accommodate you promptly. Their customers are friends, and they want you to rely on them. Bring in your kids so they can say hello. And Fido, too. They pledge unmatched service, and smiles, every time.

The bottom line for you: On average, their prices are better than the big guys and their service is beyond compare. All you have to do is call them and they’ll take care of the rest.

Center Pharamcy
1501 Viscaya Pkwy Suite 2
Cape Coral, FL 33990

(1) Youdim KA, Martin A, Joseph JA. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 1995; 1:361-9.

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