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Healthy Aging

By W.L. “Hunter” Huntley, III, HAS., BC-HIS

Healthy AgingHealthy brain function is not the initial thought when people think of healthy aging. However, your brain dictates how well (or poorly) you will develop over time. Taking special care of it depends on several factors. Heart disease or circulatory issues are a leading cause of improper brain function due to lack of “proper” blood flow. When the brain is denied sufficient blood flow it will lose function over time. Hearing loss will also contribute to this phenomena causing memory loss. depression, withdrawal, isolation, and in some cases ultimately dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Frank Lin of St. John’s Medical Hospital conducted case studies on hearing impaired individuals (left untreated) and concluded those with only mild hearing loss were two times more likely to succumb to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Individuals with severe hearing impairment were found to be more than five times as likely to suffer from the aforementioned maladies (due to brain atrophy). Brain atrophy of the auditory cortex (the portion of the brain that interprets sound and speech) occurs. Brain atrophy is a loss or damage of brain cells. Since there is no treatment for brain atrophy, the only way to combat this horrific problem is to obtain hearing devices and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Hearing care is healthcare. We hear with our brain, not our ears! The National Speech and Hearing Institute recommends annual hearing evaluations when reaching the age of  55, or if you suspect trouble.

Signs of developing hearing loss:
. Asking others to repeat or raise their voice
. Playing the T.V. or radio loudly
. Have trouble understanding in a group or restaurant
. Have trouble understanding while in an automobile
. Having to look at someone to understand the conversation

For a FREE (no obligation) hearing evaluation, call 997-8288 to schedule an appointment Today!

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