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Health is Not just a gift it’s about being PRESENT! Don’t get so wrapped up in the holiday season that it effects your health!

Health is Not just a giftYes, it’s that time again! The HOLIDAYS! Most people really enjoy the holiday season. But some of us are spread thinner than our budgets and stressed out with work, kids, shopping, cooking, and oh wait! No, I mean weight! Remember the 5-10 lbs. you set yourself up to shed?

With so much going on, your mind is on overdrive, and you can miss being available in the moment, the magic of the Christmas Season and life in general. Being present means you are aware of the details, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, that you’re experiencing. When we are stressed out hormone levels get unbalanced, minerals and nutrients become depleted, and we get tired! Then we don’t have enough energy so we turn to sugar and caffeine. Those things work in the short term, but they make us gain weight, lose sleep and become irritable. Then we are no longer present.

When you are stressed out or moving too fast you can miss the details in every aspect of your life, especially your health. It’s the last month on the calendar! You did a bang up job getting here! You are racing across the finish line. But do you really recall anything? Or did you just go through the motions? How much did you participate in your life?

Speeding through the days, weeks, and months will add up to years and eventually take its toll on you. Many health issues can be prevented if we just slow ourselves down and became aware and present. We only stop and notice when the alarm bells go off or we become ill. Why is that? Aren’t you as important as everyone else? The answer is that we take our #1 gift for granted: Our Health!

Stop! Breathe for a moment. I’ll wait…. What if you wrote a letter to your body instead of Santa? What would it say?

So how do you feel when you address your body as a whole physical being that you’re entirely responsible for? Your Body is your best friend so add it to the gift list! You should be at the top of your list. Give yourself the gift of “Good Health” this holiday season. And give it someone else as well. It’s the most valuable gift of all. You could start with just a simple nutritional supplement, an IV vitamin Infusion, or a full health consult…. These are gifts that have the potential of changing someone’s life.

You can still write to Santa. This year, it might look like this:

Dear Santa,
I have been very bad, so I’m hoping you won’t skip over my house this year! I am making a promise to treat my body better, and to help the people that I love attain optimal health too. So for Christmas this year, please bring these things for me and my loved ones.

Holiday Gift List –
• Stem Cell Rejuvenation
• Nutritional and Natural Health Consult
• Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments
• Lab Testing
• Hormone Replacement therapy
• NAD anti-aging brain reboot
• Detoxification
• Peptide injections for younger looking, healthier skin
• Paramedical Peels
• Vitamin and antioxidant IV infusions
• Vitamin Injections

Intravenous Nutrient therapy to enhance for whole body health
As we age, we are not as good at digesting food as we once were. Our digestion is slower and less complete, so we get less nutrients from our foods, and less benefit from oral supplements. Intravenous nutrient therapy can dramatically increase nutrient levels and improve the functionality of your immune system. There are several nutrient IV options to optimize your health and recharge your immune system. Intravenous nutrient therapy is nutrient delivery by way of a small needle inserted into the vein for direct delivery of nutrients that pack a substantial punch!

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) IV is nutritionally based support for people suffering from chronic fatigue, chronic stress, chronic illness, age related memory and conniption problems, mood disorders, depression, anxiety and immune deficiency. NAD is something your body produces naturally, and our production decreases with age. NAD IV’s

replenish your supply and can improve cognitive function, improve energy and even promote weight loss. NAD allows your body to make more ATP, which energizes every cell in your body.

Vitamin C
Intravenous vitamin C can increase your circulating vitamin C levels by 70 to 100 times the amount that oral vitamin C can. In times of compromised health, this is a great option. Low doses of intravenous vitamin C can help to keep your immune system robust.

Intravenous Glutathione
Glutathione is the master detoxifier and antioxidant in the body. Every single cell uses glutathione, but it is most active in the liver, where the majority of detoxifying takes place. Remember that the big players in your immune system are white blood cells. Detoxifying protects your body from the assaults of daily living. Glutathione supports every cell in your body and is exceedingly beneficial to your immune system. Unfortunately, oral glutathione just doesn’t work. It gets broken down by the digestive process before it gets into your blood. So intravenous is the only way to get it.

Myers Cocktail
No, it’s not available at the tiki bar! A Myers cocktail is a combination of vitamins and minerals that helps to support the cellular activity of your body. This combination just helps everything work better. In the best case scenario, only about 40 percent of supplements are absorbed by the body. The Myers cocktail gives you 100 percent absorption because it is delivered straight to your blood stream via intravenous infusion. It’s beneficial to everyone, no matter who you are.

Phos…. What? Phosphatidyl choline is a phospholipid that helps keep the blood vessels clear, breaking down cholesterol deposits to be processed out of your body. It’s like spring cleaning for your blood vessels! It also helps every cell in your body maintain the proper permeability and enhances detoxification.

There are numerous options and benefits of intravenous nutrient therapy. Most conditions can benefit from nutrient IV therapy. Contact Root Causes to find out how Nutrient IV therapy can benefit you!

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Sandra Hoskins, NCFMA,
Clinical Patient Coordinator

Sandra Hoskins the youngest of eight girls born and raised in New Jersey, Her father was a decorative member of the New York & New Jersey Police

Force. Mom a caregiver. Sandra moved to Florida over 25 years ago, Married and has 2 children.

Sandra Hoskins the youngest of eight girls born and raised in New Jersey, Her father was a decorative member of the New York & New Jersey Police Force. Mom a caregiver. Sandra moved to Florida over 25 years ago, Married and has 2 children.

It wasn’t until she had her son who was born with complex medical issues that Sandra became involved in the medical field. Attending school for Nursing, Radiology, Medical Assisting, Behavioral Science, and ASL, she holds a degree in Health /Behavioral Sciences, and Certified Radiology Medical Technician. Along the way she decided even though her time was very restricted her true passion was Investigative Functional Medicine. She attends the University of Functional Medicine and will soon be graduating.

Admitting “she may not have a line of letters after her name, but possess such a broad and unique education in the scope of Investigative Functional Medicine paired with her genuine compassion, and patient team work approach has created a large patient following. something that keeps Sandra committed to restoring, One’s Best Quality “Their Health”.






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