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Do you Want to Heal Your Body and Look Better Naturally?

Do you Want to Heal Your Body  and Look Better Naturally?In Naples, there is a place that can help you age, feel, think, look, and perform better. Some say it’s aging in reverse. At the Tree of Light Center, they provide therapeutic light and infrared services to promote body rejuvenation and restoration on a cellular level. Light therapy helps the body detoxify, revitalize, increase circulation, relieve pain, and reduce wrinkles.

If you are looking for an alternative way to heal the body naturally without prescription drugs or surgery then light therapy is your best alternative option. It is easy, noninvasive and relaxing at the same time!

Photobiomodulation which the AARC Pod provides is defined as using photons of energy, delivered and absorbed into the body to modulate the life processes of the body.

• It Detoxifies the cells of wastes and free radicals which can help reduce inflammation, the leading cause of most mortality causing diseases.
• Mitochondria in the cells are the energy factories which convert food and sugar to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the bodies fuel, improving both the production of energy and the biogenesis of new Giant mitochondria inside the cells. Think of mitochondria as the motor in a car and ATP the gasoline. Biogenesis is like replacing a 4-cylinder motor with 250,000 miles with a brand new V8 and filling it up with gasoline.
• Improve both the quality and volume of circulation in the body, increasing nutrient transfer to the cells.
• Provide relief from minor aches and pains. A common benefit associated with photobiomodulation is that it has an analgesic and protective effect on the nerve fibers.
• Research studies have confirmed the LED Light Therapy can improve both the thickness and elasticity of the skin cells, reducing wrinkles and cell damage. Studies have also found it helps rebuild collagen.

Revitalize the body naturally with sessions in our Medical Grade Infrared Sauna!
Sauna users have been found to have fewer chronic health problems and lower mortality risk!

Taking a sauna four or more times a week has been shown to reduce:
• Risk of death from heart disease by 50%
• High blood pressure by 47%
• Dementia by 66%
• Respiratory diseases
• Pneumonia by 41%
• Lower your stroke risk by 12% and daily sauna use can reduce your risk by as much as 62%

Infrared saunas promote detoxification, as the heat is able to penetrate deeper into your tissues. Near infrared saunas have additional benefits as the infrared interacts with light-absorbing molecules in your mitochondria, again making your cells healthier.

Heat stress is also an important way of optimizing heat proteins inside your cells that trigger mitochondrial biogenesis, thereby supporting your overall health, especially cardiovascular, cardiac and brain health.

Many Health Benefits of Saunas
• Brain function
• Boost your mood
• Improve fitness and athletic performance by increasing endurance, in part by boosting nitric oxide
• Protect your heart
• Flush toxins out of your body
• Boost your immune function
• Reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia as well as headache pain
• Kill disease-causing microbes
• Lower inflammation and reduce oxidative stress
• Improve respiratory function

To start your way to better health, contact Tree of Light Center today at (239) 692-9367, or visit

Tree of Light Whole Body Rejuvenation
806 Neapolitan Way
Naples, FL 34103
(239) 692-9367


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