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Is your Dog at Risk for Canine Influenza?

Is your Dog at Risk for Canine Influenza?The University of Florida has confirmed that the H3N2 dog flu strain is here in Southwest Florida.  This particular influenza strain originated in South Korea several years ago and has since then scattered through several states here in the U.S.

The spread of the virus most likely is due to owners traveling with their pets, for example, it’s increased through dogs that compete in dog shows.  Just like the flu virus in humans, the canine version can spread quickly.  If a dog sneezes and the airborne particles reach another dog, either through the direct breathing in of the virus spores, or through indirect contamination of the bodily fluid on the floor, this increases the odds of cross contamination.

The canine flu is contaminating dogs that are typically more socialized.  For example, dogs that are boarded, go to training or obedience school, attend doggie daycare, play at dog parks, attend dog shows (as mentioned above), or are walked by someone that takes multiple dogs at once from the neighborhood.

The symptoms of H3N2 are the following:
• Fever
• Sneezing
• Coughing
• Runny nose
• Lethargy
• Decreased appetite
• Body aches

These symptoms typically last 10-14 days and in most cases, the dog is able to heal on its own with little difficulty, but if you have an elderly dog or a puppy, or if your dog’s immune system is low due to disease or other disorders than their complications could be life-threatening.  Vaccination is available through your veterinarian.  This simple injection could lessen the symptoms if your dog did, in fact, become infected with the virus.

If you suspect that your dog has the flu, please let your veterinarian’s office know beforehand so that they can make arrangements for your dog to be escorted privately away from other pets.  After your pet has been treated, the room will be decontaminated for the next pet to be seen safely.

Additionally, if your dog is sick with H3N2, immunotherapy injections or supplements may help to fight off the virus more quickly.  But keep in mind, just like with humans, other than the preventative vaccination, there is no treatment for influenza.

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