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CycleStation Offers Cutting-Edge Technology to Keep you Motivated and to Track your Progress

CycleStation Offers Cutting-Edge Technology  to Keep you Motivated and to Track your Progress  There’s no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to amp the atmosphere up with LED lighting, energizing music and being surrounded by excited, stimulating people. Additionally, CycleStation in Ft Myers offers the most comprehensive technology to track your progress. It’s called Heart Zones.

Heart Zones is the original heart rate training company. Pioneered by Sally Edwards since 1993, Heart Zones has paved the way for individuals to get fit using heart rate training. Over the years, Heart Zones has evolved into a fitness technology company, specializing in education and training.

We caught up with Dave Mainous, certified, master-level, indoor-cycling trainer with CycleStation to find out more about Heart Zones.

H&W: Tell us about your experience and how Heart Zones is helping clients achieve results.

DAVE: “We train our clients based on heart rate. The primary basis is getting people moving. In Sacramento, California, Sally Edwards, a former triathlete and Ironman invented Heart Zones. It’s a patented fitness program and was the first in the world. You can use it in many different forms of exercise, working out or just going about your day.

At CycleStation, we of course, use it for indoor cycling in general. Heart Zones is something anyone can do at any level, and at any age. The wearable technology monitors, measures, and keeps track of heart rate through an online application that pairs with a monitor, which is set- up in the cycling studio.

The screen, which is a large area on the wall, shows the different zones of intensity for individuals within the group. The system is developed around points. It tracks progress so that clients can see their results on the board, which specifically coincides with each person. I personally provide each client with a number, so that the board doesn’t show their name, just their number to keep it more private for each client.

The technology is Bluetooth, which allows me to send my clients results directly to them so that they can keep a copy of each ride results at the end of each class. It shows progress and results. It’s an excellent tool to evaluate and assess exercise goals and outcomes.

When clients come to our studio, we take several steps to personalize their training. We ask questions like what are you here to achieve, do you want to lose weight, do you want to get healthy, are you entering a competition? We ask these questions to make sure that we’re on the same page and meeting our client’s goals. We also take into account that different levels of fitness and comfort always come into play. For example, if someone has a known heart issue, we will work with them one-on-one and their physician to establish the appropriate exercise program for them. Our classes are safe, and all of our certified trainers are also First Aid and CPR certified. During a typical indoor cycling class, clients can burn approximately 400 to 500 calories depending on their intensity level. By adding heart zones to the routine, we are better able to keep track and motivate our clients.”

Indoor Cycling at CycleStation
CycleStation is an indoor cycling studio that not only offers the latest and greatest in bikes, music, fitness experts, and commitment, but also in the investment, they make in you. Because of their dedication to helping you see results, they offer different stages of workout levels from 45 minutes to 90-minute sessions. Depending on your intensity level, you can burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories during your session.

CycleStation tells their clients to expect the following. “You will pedal, sweat, and forget about the outside world. Get into amazing health and look FABULOUS. The instructor will take you through different types of movements and paces, from sprints (essentially, pedaling super-fast) to jumps (standing up out of your seat) to everything in between, all without getting off the bike. It’s your ride at your level.”

You can schedule your class online or just pop into the studio for a schedule. Bring your workout gear, sneaker or bike shoes, and you’ll be ready to speed up your metabolism, burn calories, increase muscle and endurance and have fun!

Contact CycleStation today! | (239) 989-9994

Myerlee Plaza
7050 Winkler Road, Suite 119
Fort Myers, Florida 33919

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