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Arthritis Awareness Month: How Medical Cannabis Can Help Alleviate this Painful Condition

Arthritis Awareness Month: How Medical Cannabis Can Help  Alleviate this Painful Condition20 million Americans suffer from arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints. Some of the common arthritic symptoms are joint pain, stiffness, warmth, immobilization, and loss of range of motion, fatigue and inadequate blood flow. Two of the main types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). With Osteoarthritis, wear and tear damages the cartilage in the joints and causes friction between the bones rubbing together. Injury or infection usually causes Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own lining of the joints and membranes; this results in painful swelling and inflammation.

When arthritis affects the neck, back, hands, feet or hips, difficulties arise when trying to get through even the most menial daily tasks. The surrounding muscles begin to tighten as they try to overcompensate for the pain and protect the injured area. These tight muscles can create tension headaches and impinged range of motion. Most people may find that there is little to no relief with over the counter NSAID’s like ibuprofen, and most patients are desperately trying to avoid surgery.

Chronic pain from arthritis can lead to depression, addictions, anxiety, stress, isolation, and even suicidal thoughts. Finding relief from pain is critical to having the quality life you deserve. Avoiding surgery and being over medicated should be at the forefront of most people’s minds when dealing with chronic pain. However, many of these individuals would do almost anything to relieve their agony.

How does Medical Cannabis Help with Arthritis?
The “standard of care” treatment for arthritis often falls short. When these traditional therapies don’t relieve the pain or inflammation, patients need alternative methods. Our brain and nerve cells have cannabinoid receptors, so our bodies naturally react to cannabis (medical marijuana). The structure of cannabis interacts directly with our cells. Our natural endocannabinoid system works synergistically with medical marijuana, creating a multitude of beneficial reactions in the body. The endocannabinoid cells have tiny receptors that take in chemicals and produce responses. This natural system in our bodies regulates things like mood, sleeping, immunity, pleasure, memory and much more. This intricate system also regenerates the body via the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Medical marijuana is made up of THC and CBD. The CBD is known to bind to receptors and is thought to regenerate cells and brain function, while THC helps to relax and alleviate the physical symptoms of pain and apprehension. There is a collaborative effect between these chemicals when taken together. This synergistic effect means the ratio of THC and CBD can be manipulated for the patient’s benefit.

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