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Anxiety, Stress, Pain: Do Natural Supplements Offer Support?

Anxiety, Stress, PainWhy is it that some people see the light, while others are constantly reminded of the darkness? The intriguing anatomy and process of our brains help us to better understand the production of fear, anxiety, worry and the decision to take flight or to fight.

In Paradise Lost, John Milton may have summed up this scenario very well for us when he wrote, “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” Although medical professionals are still discovering new reasons for depression and anxiety to this day, we know that a tiny portion in the brain called the amygdala, stores emotional and threatening thoughts, along with memories from our early childhood to present day.

There are neurotransmitters throughout the entire body that send signals to the brain, alerting you instantaneously of real or perceived danger. Anxiety is made up of both psychological and physical symptoms. The psychological part creates the nervousness, fear and worry, while the physical aspect produces sweating, rapid heart palpitations, a rise in blood pressure, nausea and shortness of breath.

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life and usually short-lived, but for 40 million Americans, it’s a daily battle. Whether it’s anxiety due to biological, psychosocial, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the treatment options usually include behavioral therapy, counseling, and various prescription medications that block or dull different areas of the brain. However, there are many natural supplements that work very well to reduce stress and anxiety.

Natural Supplements for Anxiety:
• Chamomile offers a gentle systemic calming effect

• Lemon Balm has sedative properties, which relax the nervous system

• Holy Basil is an adaptogen that allows the mind to regulate stress

• Valerian offers sedative, calming effects and is often used to help with sleep disorders

• Rhodiola has been used as a nerve tonic for centuries due to its calming effects

• Ashwagandha greatly reduces anxiety by lowering cortisol, which is a stress hormone

• St. John’s Wort helps to alleviate depressive mood disorders

• CBD (cannabidiol) regulates things like mood, sleeping, immunity, pleasure, memory and much more

What is Pain?
Pain is the body’s natural and healthy response to insults and injuries, which is then cause inflammation. While this is necessary, if left unresolved, it can lead to chronic inflammation and long-term health issues. The inflammation process can be broken into two parts: an initiation phase and a resolution phase. It is important for the body to address both phases in order to complete the inflammatory process. Resolution phase is activated by lipid mediators, but if they’re absent or not functioning properly, it may lead to a chronic inflammatory response.

What leads to chronic inflammation?
• Processed foods and sugar
• Lack of exercise
• Stress
• Environmental toxins
• Food allergens

Fortunately, addressing the causes of inflammation and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle through better diet and exercise can dramatically improve your health. Supplement your body with the targeted nutrients to help support the body’s natural capacity to respond to physical challenges and resolve the immune response. SPM Active, a revolutionary and exclusive formula developed by Metagenics through advanced fractionation technology featuring specialized pro-resolving mediators, 17-HDHA and 18-HEPE, found in marine lipids provides support for the resolution phase.

Pharmedico Specialty Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy. They specialize in Practitioner-
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For further information, stop by and discover the local pharmacy difference with Pharmedico Specialty Pharmacy. They’re dedicated to deliver the highest-level patient care with advanced knowledge, experiences and special equipment from the best of both Western and Eastern medicine that best fit your needs. In addition to a full-service compounding pharmacy, they provide medical supplies & equipment and a natural healing center with an in-house Acupuncturist. Stop by today and meet your new healthcare family. “Your well-being is our Mission.”

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