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11 Ways to Avoid the Nursing Home

Who wants to live in a nursing home? Most people I speak to about this topic say they would rather live at home and take care of themselves, than live in a nursing home. I don’t mean assisted living where there are lots of people and activities and you get a little help. The nursing home is the place you go because you can’t take care of yourself. Everyone wants to feed and dress themselves, right? I mean, if given the option.

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends the following to avoid dementia:
1. Do not smoke
2. Keep blood pressure, cholesterol and blood-sugar levels within recommended limits
3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
4. Exercise
5. Maintain a healthy weight
6. Limit alcohol consumption

Harvard Health recommends the following for stroke prevention:
1. Lower blood pressure
2. Lose weight
3. Exercise more
4. If you drink — do it in moderation
5. Treat atrial fibrillation
6. Treat diabetes
7. Quit smoking

So, how do you avoid the nursing home? Well, the two most common causes of nursing home admission are dementia and stroke. These two conditions account for about 50% of all admissions. So if you can avoid those two things, you dramatically decrease your chances of needing a nursing home.

These two lists look amazingly similar! Let’s combine them both and add some integrative approaches to health, giving you a simple guide for staying healthy and independent.

They both say:
1. Stop smoking! It’s never too late to quit.
If you need assistance, contact our office. We can help!

2. Limit your alcohol consumption
Men are allowed two alcoholic beverages daily. Women are allowed one. There can be occasional exceptions, but as a rule, limit alcohol, or avoid it all together.

3. Exercise
Exercise daily. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Get your heart rate up. Don’t be afraid to sweat! Weight bearing exercise is also important to keep muscle tone and bone density. Men and women need to participate in weight bearing exercise 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

4. Maintain a healthy weight
What is a healthy weight? It’s different for everyone. Ask your healthcare provider what a healthy weight is for you. Set a goal to get there; and go for it! Need help? Contact our office.

5. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Chronically high levels of blood sugar cause all sorts of damage in your body. Know your blood sugar levels. Know how to keep it low. Limit sweets, junk food and pretty much anything with flour in it. If you need help with this… you guessed it… call our office!

6. Maintain a healthy blood pressure
Chronically high blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessels as well as organs. We need to keep it as low as we can. Avoid salt, unhealthy fats and a sedentary lifestyle. Get out there burn excess fats!
Integrative Medicine additions include:

7. Reduce inflammation
Inflammation is the root of all evil! The result of smoking, excess alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, and excess fat, is inflammation. You can get inflammation in your brain and blood vessels that will contribute to stroke and dementia, among many other common health concerns. There are several ways to reduce inflammation. Root Causes offers several options to help reduce existing inflammation: Hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF, nutrients, and ozone. Call the office to see how we can help you.

8. Increase antioxidant status
Increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables is the best way to start. But we also recommend taking daily nutrient supplements, and regularly schedule intravenous nutrients. Check out our website for more information.

9. Increase blood flow to your brain and heart
This can be done with exercise, certain supplements, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone and PEMF. Root Causes offers all of these.

10. Stay hydrated
Protect your kidneys and the rest of your organs by staying hydrated. You have more energy and less aches and pains if you are hydrated. Did you also know that you store less fat it you are hydrated? Yay! If you just can’t catch up, come to Root Causes for a hydration IV and feel amazing!

11. Ditch the STRESS!!!!
Stress kills. That’s the bottom line. It creates inflammation, decreases the immune system, burns antioxidants, increases stress hormones that have a negative effect on all yours cells, and so much more! Learn to beat the stress. Yoga, meditation, and exercise of any kind helps reduce stress. And, as always, if you need help with that, just call the office for an appointment!

So there you go. We just reduced your chances of nursing home admission by more than half! Call Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine to help you get on the right track to vibrant health and total wellness! Feel better than you have ever felt!

nutrient IV therapy for vibrant health

Intravenous Nutrient therapy to enhance your immune system
As we age, we are not as good at digesting food as we once were.  Our digestion is slower and less complete, so we get less nutrients from our foods, and less benefit from oral supplements.  Intravenous nutrient therapy can dramatically increase nutrient levels and improve the functionality of your immune system.  There are several nutrient IV options to optimize your health and recharge your immune system.  Intravenous nutrient therapy is nutrient delivery by way of a small needle inserted into the vein for direct delivery of nutrients that pack a substantial punch!

Vitamin C – Intravenous vitamin C can increase your circulating vitamin C levels by 70 to 100 times the amount that oral vitamin C can.  In times of compromised health, this is a great option.  Low doses of intravenous vitamin C can help to keep your immune system robust.

Intravenous Glutathione – Glutathione is the master detoxifier and antioxidant in the body.  Every single cell uses glutathione, but it is most active in the liver, where the majority of detoxifying takes place. Remember that the big players in your immune system are white blood cells.   Detoxifying protects your body from the assaults of daily living.  Glutathione supports every cell in your body and is exceedingly beneficial to your immune system.  Unfortunately, oral glutathione just doesn’t work.  It gets broken down by the digestive process before it gets into your blood.  So intravenous is the only way to get it.

Myers Cocktail – No, it’s not available at the tiki bar!  A Myers cocktail is a combination of vitamins and minerals that helps to support the cellular activity of your body.  This combination just helps everything work better.  In the best case scenario, only about 40 percent of supplements are absorbed by the body.  The Myers cocktail gives you 100 percent absorption because it is delivered straight to your blood stream via intravenous infusion.  It’s beneficial to everyone, no matter who you are.

There are numerous options and benefits of intravenous nutrient therapy.  Most conditions can benefit from nutrient IV therapy.  Contact Root Causes to find out how Nutrient IV therapy can benefit you!

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